Meet Anthony Donno

 This Sixteen-year-old ,Arizona entrepreneur is taking the welding game by storm creating art furniture using vintange pickup and car parts. 

As a boy, Anthony would visit his dad's body shop wanting to learn to build something as a way to feel included and be just like "one of the boys." When he was only twelve, he asked his dad, Chris Dono, to teach him to weld, but his dad's schedule was pretty full. After some basic instruction, Chris gave Anthony some scrap metal to practice with, along with the message, "See what you can come up with." He took the challenge head-on! 

Anthony’s love of history and antiques, and drawing ideas from his grandfather, dad, and brother and their combined interest in vintage automobiles; inspired Anthony to enhance rather than change. Many of his exclusive creations feature original pinstriping and rusted areas that are preserved with clear coat finishes. The young artist's work started to gain recognition from family and friends, word of mouth, and social media. All helped to expand his horizons. The notoriety that has come from his work has gained the attention of celebrities such as: Rick and Kelly Dale from the show "Rick's Restoration", Horny Mike and Rolli from the show "Counting Cars", Dale Kindig and Kevin Schiele from the show "Bitchin'Rides" and Actors Robert DiNiro and Jack Nicholson. Anthony’s passion towards his projects consume any real free time that he has, spending weekdays after school and weekends at the shop but he loves being creative and expressing his own unique self into his work.   

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Xtreme Auto Works

Located in Chandler, Arizona is an automotive collision, restoration and modification auto body shop. It is owned and operated by Chris Donno, Anthony's dad. It is where all Anthony's magic happens. Any additional information or to place a custom order call 480-993-4070 or drop us a line line at OR visit our site